The outdoor Dirt Demo kicks off Interbike each year and it usually proves to be a "show within a show". Monday is usually much calmer than Tuesday and this year attendance seemed light for the first day of USA's biggest bicycle industry show.

            Here are some highlights:

RIDDEN: The Jamis XCR 29er.
A cross country rig that tips more
in the favor of an endurance, all mountain bike.

The large wheels roll in a straight line great and descend wonderfully.
The bike was nimble and light enough and everything worked on it.

Also ridden in the 29er category was the Scott Spark.
This particular bike was not 100% tuned and the lock-out
was not working. It all made a difference on the trails of course
but the Scott scooted uphill better than the Jamis
and generally felt a touch more race-ready.
9 zero 7 is a new brand based in Alaska. (907 is Alaska's area code )
This fat-tire bike impressed with its relative nimble-ness.
The bikes are available as frame\wheel kits for now
and complete bikes should be under $1200.
One of the most impressive road bikes ridden was the all-new Jamis Icon.
It's a budget-minded aluminum frame designed with the racer primarily in mind. It rode great. Very stiff and deliberate. Impressive also, when you consider
the low-end Mavics that were weighing it down. We later heard the story of the bike and how it took 2 years to get everything right with it before it was released.


Here's a close-up of the Icon's underbelly.
Boxy chainstays and an oversized bottom bracket.
Jamis has a winner here.

These Campagnolo ( EPS equipped ) badged Pinerello Dogma 2's
were tucked away in a corner and were generally being ignored
by the crowds. The Campy electronic shifting was a joy to ride
and try to abuse. It shifted beautifully under all conditions.
The Pinerello was a nice frame to test out the Super Record as well.

Bright Yellow getting overused these days?
Here a loud Lazer gets into the frame coincidentally with a loud Giro.

Just gettin some footbeds custom molded at the Fi'Zik booth.
8 minutes with light pressure from your feet on warm beds.

Nothing too extreme resulted from my custom molding
but they do feel nice in the shoes. Look for a review soon.
There seemed to be more than the usual nutritional supplement offerings.
Plenty of variety in size, shape and methodology.
Here is a "Reboot". A mix+water packet that you shake in order
to break the seal and mix the 2 before downing in one shot.

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