& this


Bike skid marks as art! Totally Rockstar!


More high end car makers getting into the game...
This time a very expensive bike from Aston Martin. Integrated display, the best hydraulic brakes, and silver finished carbon crankarms (?!)...Here


Super lightweight carbon fiber wheels have been available to discerning Cat5's for a while now....
But never before on a car! The new Koenigsegg Agera R has, that's right..... Solid carbon fiber hoops.


Talk about late to a party!
The UCI is finally making some headway on bike mounted cameras...
This paragraph was recently published in a press release.

“The use of GPS location systems and cameras is not authorised during races. However, this prohibition does not relate to GPS systems for personal use (when the data is not transmitted to the media, directeurs sportifs, organisers, etc.) which is currently tolerated, until further notice. The UCI does however consider that the future of the sport of cycling will involve the integration of new technology into the bicycle, in particular providing information on the riders’ location during races and on-board cameras. Consequently the UCI has set up a working group of experts in order to allow optimum decisions to be made on the application of this technology in competition in the interests of the sport of cycling.”


Da Vinci would be proud... And probably anyone that ever enjoyed riding a bike....


GasPods.....Now if only them made a bike version....Here


Outside Magazine answered some questions about Kinesio Tex tape...

" A recent analysis of 10 studies conducted on the tape’s effectiveness found that Kinesio taping provided “trivial” pain relief, and inconsistent range-of-motion results. The article concluded that Kinesio tape “may have a small beneficial role in improving strength” and range of motion in certain injured athletes, but that there’s “little quality evidence” to support the use of Kinesio tape over other types of elastic tape to manage or prevent sports injuries. "

Those 10 studies didn't mention anything about the extra Rockstar points you get when you wear the stuff.


Start off the week with some hilarity.....Here

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 Amid the news of Horner's exclusion, LA's final undoing, and Andy's implosion, Interbike snuck under the radar with some important news.... They are ditching the Sands Expo Center in 2013 and heading for the upscale Mandalay Bay.


Fast-Track yourself to Rockstardom......
Juggle your way thru a triathlon like this dude.....


The famous Fitchburg Stage race is canceled ( again ).... Nebulous reasoning was provided.


Ladies & Gentlemen...... The Gnarboard:


It's time to make the call:


Here proof that a good soundtrack, slow motion, and some cpu video filter affects can take a completely moronic idea and almost make it cool.