More biking can save billions and make people healthier.... Here


More things-that-make-you-go-hmmm from deposed TDF Champ Lance.




and this


Mark Cavendish's new team has announced their kit for 2013:


These lights are getting ever close to reality. Very cool.


Is "Motoman" Philippe Maire and did Nike accidentally tape him following the team bus in their documentary "Road to Paris" ?


They keep coming out of the woodwork:


Here's an ironic picture to start off your weekend....


Here is an awesome video of road bike stuntery:

Watch it before it hits 10 million hits.


The Hotel Bike Bell ! ( and a funny video to boot )

The Hotelbikebell from Aart Taminiau on Vimeo.

posted by Greg W.


IKEA Saudi Arabia recently Photoshopped a woman out of their advert.So now there is a site making fun and re-creating other female-less photos...

Pro cycling of course makes the cut.


It was great to interview Ben Wolfe a couple of months ago.
Sadly, He has been sidelined since then with a broken pelvis sustained from a training fall.
But he is back on track and is going full throttle toward 2013.


Whoa! C-Dales in Costco

But to be true, it was a rogue international distributor sneaking them to the big box store...
All the same, some hilarious reading about it at the MTBR forum here.


Adventures in charity rides.

Very cool.
The case for bib shorts.
This is Lan Yin Tsai. She is 86. She rides in a dress, heels and wool overcoat.
She is a bonafide Rockstar in the world of MS Rides