The Garmin Vector pedal was rumored months ago to be produced by ( the generally regarded as B-list ) pedal maker Exustar. Those rumors were shot down pretty quickly but a side by side comparison reveals more then a few similarities... Shown here with their $85 entry level resin pedal ( one of the best deals in cycling right now ).




And this


Uh-Oh..... More Strava AND Interbike news.... Put them together and you get the "Strava Outdoor Demo Challege".... Which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Forget testing all the bikes now, gimme the fastest one so I get the most fastest laps!.... Here


This is what 6 grams savings looks like.

3\4 inch off of Ritchey WCS handlebars.


To all the Strava users out there watch out for the "KOM Sniper":

"The KOM Snipe.....It's when a rider finds a KOM near by, proceeds to ride to it at a recovery pace and then snipes it away from the former owner! Then rides home easy."
"One shot, one kill"

-posted by Dillon P



Laugh out loud with this:


We will def be on the lookout in Vegas for the ultra comfy "RoundTail"... Here


Cyclocross season is coming up quickly!
Here is a great improvised chain watcher thought up by Dillon at Cheshire Cycle in Connecticut. It's made from a bike reflector mounting bracket ( usually garbage ) and a zip tie.


Among all the news of electronic Ultegra and 11 speed Athena no one seems to have noticed this little ray of sunshine for all those entry level bike buyers out there..... 10 speed Shimano Tiagra. Listed here on a BH model. Scott also will have one, among others we're sure.


Vegas flights booked! Last year C.A.N.R.S. brought you some of the most interesting items from Interbike as they were happening. This year we are playing around with smartphone applications that will make for instantaneous transmission of photos, quotes, specs, and breaking news. Can't go to interbike?
Take the trip with us!


Add 2 red stripes to anything and it becomes much cooler.....Here


This :


and this:


A hot new seatpost came across our desks the other day. Ratio is an Italian company making the parts in Taiwan and China. The Tacto seatpost is light ( 185 grams ), inexpensive ( $150 ), and has more back and forth adjustability in it then just about any other seatpost known to man. 


GreenEdge, the biggest media darling since Team Sky launched 3 short years ago, has leaked something of a team kit.

Final product? What do you all think? Yay or nay?


Got some extra $$$ hanging around? Invest in cool cycling start-up... Here


Everyone is chomping to get a test ride on the new Scott Foil:

But funny enough, this isn't the first time Scott has "F"- ized their top of the line road bike:


Vintage Campy

A cool jersey

and this


Its Gran Fondo time! Need an idea for your team name? ( made up of ex racers? )
 Here you go:

Posted by Matty Clark




And this:


Strava continues to gain headway. Homegrown tools for ride upload-age are rolling out....Here


Cyclocross season is coming up! Here is a shot of the 2012 Scott Addict CX:


Marking our calendars for the release of this movie:


The Interbike2011 event line-up is starting to take shape. And proving that track racing \ fixed gear hipster athletics still has a strangle hold, a small banked track will be installed inside the show floor.


Who says lycra on guys isn't gay: