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Phases of the tan line:


Despite the rumors flying around the interwebs, these sunglasses are not being produced as a special issue Richard Sachs item from Oakley.

Tho that would be pretty Rockstar if they were....


The fixed gear hipster movement has had many positive side effects ( believe it or not ). Leather creations like this one are included in that list.


There's a reason why the phrase "Ride it like you stole it" works.... See this unlucky perpetrator for explanation.




 and This


It always nice to get a little bonus.... Like opening a new pair of shoes up and finding some choice socks tucked inside.

Way to go Louis Garneau...


Check out these new cycling inspired furniture pieces from Rui Alves



Buzz is building for the NYC Gran Fondo... Here... A great way to experience the NYC to Bear Mountain to NYC ride. Price of $200+ is a little steep though.


Everyone has an opinion on the new and popular toe-shoe movement....
If looking ridiculous is not for you ( you're a roadie Rockstar remember?) Maybe these new shoes by Merrell are more to your liking. Not exactly toe-shoe, but as close as you can get.


This bike carries exactly what it looks like. ( in an environmentally friendly way! )


Check out this very cool wooden commuter from the Netherlands. Very trick half spoke, half wood wheels.


This decal:

Is now for sale in the Rockstar Shop section. Tweet it, Facebook it, spread the word. Let's get these stickers out there as much as possible to show that it truly is a silly idea to have to approve bike frames.


Craigslist super find of the day:



Um, Rockstar not so much......


The best finish line camera shot we've seen in a long time....

From a Collegiate race in New Hampshire.




and this


The UCI, not content on controlling what the racers use, now are seeking to control where the racers shop.

But don't worry everyone... Its not a money grab.


This is definitely from a few years back.....


Even the cars get beat up in Paris Roubaix


Great news if you fly Frontier Airlines a lot..... Here


Even Pro Hoop players, most of which are established Rockstars, need a little 2-wheeled Rockstar action. Who better to provide it then the masters of the custom creation at IF. This one is for Celtic Ray Allen.

Check it out here
Posted by Greg W.


A stunning, very Rockstar, albeit a little unsightly, handmade creation.....

More details here

 posted by Ferraris


Product development and marketing in the cycling world now reaches the "heavier" side... Here


More UCI edicts that make a sane person go "huh?".... Here


Ever wanted to run a bike company? Here's your chance.

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A variation on this hybrid electric bike will be produced soon
Details here

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Phil Liggett's Tour predictions are in:
A. Schleck

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 Check out the new print ad for Ritte Bikes:

Gotta love these guys and their irreverent style.

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How do they get the bikes to stand up like that???
Tiny strings!