$1000 buys some nice liquor. Sometimes, like here, That bottle comes complete with a Rockstar carrying case.


The world's first 100% recycled aluminum bike... Here




and this


Here is just published list of the best biking cities with reliable and scientific scores...
25 U.S. Cities Ranked by Bike Score

Ranking      City                    Score

1     Boulder, Colorado             86
2     Minneapolis, Minnesota     79
3     Fort Collins, Colorado       78
4     Ann Arbor, Michigan         76
5     Eugene, Oregon                 75
5     Tempe, Arizona                  75
7     Portland, Oregon                 70
7     San Francisco, California     70
9     Boston, Massachusetts         68
9     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     68
11     Madison, Wisconsin            67
12     Washington, D.C.               65
13     Seattle, Washington             64
13     Tucson, Arizona                  64
15     New York, New York          62
15     Chicago, Illinois                  62
17     Miami, Florida                    57
17     Oakland, California            57
19     Los Angeles, California      54
20     Houston, Texas                 49
21     San Diego, California        48
22     Austin, Texas                   45
23     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania     39
24     Tyler, Texas                       38
25     Cincinnati, Ohio                 37


Reader Nick sends us this video proving that Wiggo is more Rockstar than most Rockstars.


For 23 grams, this car horn for bikes seems like a no brainer...


Letting your $250 Rapha tights get riped up in a Junkyard Cyclocross race is completely Rockstar.




and this


While not exactly a new idea, this site is well done and inspires someone to pull that ol clunker out from the garage and get the hack saw out.


This is a noteworthy photo project. Especially if you have never had the chance to ride a bike thru the streets of NYC. If you have, you can relate to ( but still enjoy ) the photos.

Posted by Matt Clark


Talk about putting your money where you mouth is.... Here
Props to the organizers of Battnekill for sending a message to the UCI.
( and maybe saving some administrative costs and headaches at the same time )


This video is brilliantly done. It's a cool idea for a product as well.

The only drawback to the video is there is no actual sound of the gadget doing it's thing.
 For that you have to watch this one ( also well done ).


This is the best thing that's happened so far this week:


Just in case you haven't seen this, it needs to be posted.
Red Bull simply does not do anything that is not very cool, and the amount of coordinating and pressure on each of the althetes in the video is pretty intense.

posted by Rattatatat


Little Rockstars in the making over in Japan:


The bad news from Hurricane Sandy keeps coming.... Here


Oh how the mighty have fallen...
They can't even give the stuff away:


Before he was the Manx Missile, He was the "Master of Faster"...

Somehow it seems unlikely that such an ugly sticker would be allowed to see the light of day with his current Rockstardom level.


Here's a very ugly bike that can carry 12 cases of beer...


Zipp 404's for $600 shipped !?!?! YES PLEASE!......
oh wait.... They're fake......( Sigh )


Bike shows as the new car shows? We say yes!... Here


Here's a new addition to the Rockstar shop.
"This new tee-shirt features an image that was brought back to us as a souvenir from a time traveling friend who went up the road to find Tejay's first TDF victory ( hint: not earlier than 2014 but no later than 2016 )."

$5 of every sale goes to the well known and much supported cyclismas.com fund* to develop a working Bat-mobile for Paul Kimmage.

*Actually his legal offensive fund

Click HERE for a direct link to the store or use the link in the sidebar.


Have a good weekend everyone:


Hurricane Sandy has brought some Rockstars out of hiding...
Like this guy:


More biking can save billions and make people healthier.... Here


More things-that-make-you-go-hmmm from deposed TDF Champ Lance.




and this


Mark Cavendish's new team has announced their kit for 2013:


These lights are getting ever close to reality. Very cool.


Is "Motoman" Philippe Maire and did Nike accidentally tape him following the team bus in their documentary "Road to Paris" ?


They keep coming out of the woodwork:


Here's an ironic picture to start off your weekend....


Here is an awesome video of road bike stuntery:

Watch it before it hits 10 million hits.


The Hotel Bike Bell ! ( and a funny video to boot )

The Hotelbikebell from Aart Taminiau on Vimeo.

posted by Greg W.


IKEA Saudi Arabia recently Photoshopped a woman out of their advert.So now there is a site making fun and re-creating other female-less photos...

Pro cycling of course makes the cut.


It was great to interview Ben Wolfe a couple of months ago.
Sadly, He has been sidelined since then with a broken pelvis sustained from a training fall.
But he is back on track and is going full throttle toward 2013.


Whoa! C-Dales in Costco

But to be true, it was a rogue international distributor sneaking them to the big box store...
All the same, some hilarious reading about it at the MTBR forum here.


Adventures in charity rides.

Very cool.
The case for bib shorts.
This is Lan Yin Tsai. She is 86. She rides in a dress, heels and wool overcoat.
She is a bonafide Rockstar in the world of MS Rides


This guy is the Rockstar of playing cards:


Here is your weekly dose of Super-Model on a bike... Giselle ( with her little Brady ) on a Trek.


INTERBIKE ( Thursday )

Thursday is the busy-man's end to Interbike. Friday tends to be low key in comparison and a lot of exhibitors like to get a jump on the packing up process a day early. Here are some highlights from the day:

Sadly, this bad boy was not available to demo.

Scott's new Vanish R helmet is lighter then the current one and features a floating inner cage system that keeps your head a bit more protected from the damaging "bouncing" or one-hops that occur during an impact.

Here is a picture of the cage.
The yellow is the cage and it moves independently of the helmet shell about 1-2 cm all around while not affecting the way the helmet sits or feels on your head.

Scott is finally bringing the Syncros brand from out the ashes and they displayed a full assortment of support parts. While a lot of the cockpit parts (stems and H-bars ) are very much Ritchey's in disguise, a couple of parts seemed like winners. For example this carbon rail saddle, is under $200 retail and comes in a few different shapes to match the discipline.
Little known fact.... The Giro d'Italia made 2 trophies for the 100 yr anniversary race in 2009. Menchov got to keep one and the other makes the rounds. It was here at Interbike and fans got to hoist it, champion style, for photos.

Muscle tape everywhere!!!
Last year there was one company selling it. In 2012 there were at least 5.|
It is cheap to produce and easy to sell at a premium so it makes sense there will be companies trying to take advantage of the trend.

This glossy hoop was by far the craziest wheel seen all show long.
This was a close 2nd. Although this Madfiber wheel no doubt is a better riding one. The engineers at the carbon mill that Madfiber uses sent them this colored kevlar right before the show. It's not carbon, it's kevlar. This wheel has not been ridden and the Madfiber boss couldn't even say for sure what it weighed ( We are guessing 800 grams for the set ). It is a prototype-like product that is said to be very possible for the real world.

A new company to Interbike was Opus. It is a Canadian brand that will be available in the States for the first time. They showed a comprehensive and complete line-up of bikes for the whole family. It will be interesting to see if they make space for themselves in an already crowded market.
Also new to the States will be the Diadora brand name on a bike. It's parent company merged with a bike distribution company in Washington state and so the brand gets a decent sized line-up of bikes.

One company that was getting plenty of press was Wahoo. Many were excited about the Bluetooth controlled RFLKT computer. In a nutshell, it displays the info that your Iphone is capturing while it is running a GPS app in your back pocket. You can even control music playback with it. Downside: It requires Bluetooth 4.0 ( which is new Iphones only ). Android is not currently available and a specific date for Android could not be given. It is also $100 for the basic unit, which seems like a high price tag.
Custom printed bar-tape is very hard to do. Durability is the biggest obstacle of course but Zevlin Cycling and Fitness are looking to change that. Look for a review soon.

interbike ain't Interbike without some nostalgia

Thule made news with its new roof rack systems. Designed to be ever more easy to mount onto factory racks this model will cost $159 when it goes on sale.

It's $259 priced big brother features a rear sliding tray that will make accommodating all different types and sizes of bikes much easier.
A beautiful gravelroad \ CX cruiser from VeloOrange
The shortest Chewbacca you will ever see.