The stock market will have to wait to be cool.....Here

......"In Stan Day we trust" - Anon


Even the Rockstars out there are laughing at this Gucci Helmet ( $890!!! )

And this Bianci made carbon Gucci Bike ( $14,000!!! )


Take the CX Racer Test. The Fred or Pro test has made its way around the great big internet. Here is the Cyclocross version.... How do you stack up???

Click on image and then right click "view image" for best readability


Think it will be a while before bikes get significantly lighter?
Think again....Here

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& this


This might be our first canine Rockstar.... Although if it wasn't for the great camera work, this whole video would probably remind one of that annoying dog that chases you out on a bike ride.

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Here's funny "are you a Rockstar" test. Everyone likes to be judged right?


$1100 for a gold leafed saddle??? Very Rockstar.....Here


The car is a super hero again...


Today's Rockstar award goes to this chick....


Dave Zabriskie is one of the true I-dont-give-a-damn-Rockstars out there.... Now you can let him guide you on your next ride.....Here

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It's time for another installment of
"Advertising for Rockstars!"
This time we will discuss only one advert from Assos clothing...
Perhaps you have seen it in a recent magazine, here it is:

This is far from the first installment in the "Sponsor Yourself" series. It seems Assos is succeeding with this over the top glamourous portrayal of bicycle wear....

They are no doubt following in the footsteps of a certain British-based company. But at least they show off models in their over-priced garments whilst riding in them.....

But back to the point, Assos is no stranger to the "hot Italian babe" category.....

The problem with the newest advertisement is that it leaves the reader dumbfounded as to the desired point..... The advert is so nebulous that it could be promoting just about anything....
See what we mean:

Anyone who appreciates fine furniture can easily mistake the ad for something all together different:

  Perhaps this?:

But even if you are meant to just focus on the cutie, the ad falls short of maximizing its intended sex appeal target:

Assos misses the mark with this one and only succeeds in getting into reader's heads due to the ad's moronic pointlessness.


Quote of the day:

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse."
-Henry Ford


Ever see sweat eat thru a handlebar???

Here you go:




And this


Never has the stock market been so cool....
Coming soon to your newspaper's finance section soon...... Here


Well well, Apparently they are Rockstars. Mr. Schleck here......

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