GIRO 2013 Sneak peak.....

The impressive Giro 2013 Catalog has been dropped off and it shows Giro's commitment to being on the cutting edge, both in terms of fashion and function.
Here are some of the standout goodies.

We dare you to find less then 7 pairs of Factors
during your next group training ride. They have been
a huge success. Now Giro boldy goes into Mavic territory
with their new colorway: Highlight Yellow

Taylor Phinney wore a pair of these in the Giro...
Soon you will be able to as well.
While not their sole purpose, they are said to be quite light.
We believe it

The 2012 TDF's most controversial topic!
Now available for anyone looking to sacrifice
good looks for 4 extra watts at TT speed.

And for an extra $40, you can buy one with
a eye shield that magnetically clips on.
Smart move: It can also be attached via the magnets in reverse, away from the eyes and on the helmet.

Big Heads rejoice. Giro has long been criticized by the
craniumly challenged. They seek to end that

The Pneumo is back. One of Giro's
best loved designs gets a facelift for 2013.

Just what the world needed...
More great looking, lightweight long finger gloves

Giro seems to be taking more and more
design cues from one-time collaborators, Rapha.
These leather gloves look very nice at $65.

Expect to see plenty of these in the Single Speed races
during the upcoming CX season.

Smart... Extra-Bacon-Smart!


Keep the inmates riding!... Here


The topic of weekend warrior racers juiced up on performance enhancers has even hit mainstream media...


Izhar Gafni deserves some big 'ol Props for making his cardboard bike....Here


Scott Bikes has never requested that pre-appointments be made for test riding their bikes at Interbike.
Until now....
Fitting, because never before have we anticipated riding a a bike as much as the new Genius 29er.


Going thru withdrawal? An stunning collection of TDF photos here.


Do you have a broken SRAM shift lever???
Just get out some copper tubing, a penny and epoxy!
From the mad scientists at Cheshire Cycle, CT


Senna was a great documentary about the legendary F1 driver \ Brazilain National Hero....
Now that same story treatment will be given to Il Pirata..... Here


The return of the Brit Rockstar!
Congrats to Wiggans.... ( lose the long hair Brad )


Pittsburgh is getting these awesome bike parking spots.... One less car!


One of the first companies to offer a CX bike, Jamis, FINALLY has made a full carbon CX bike.


It must of been hot in France today!


Another great skate video with Kilian Martin..... Here


Talk about irony fit for a king!.....Here


Team Radioshack needing to refill the bank account a bit....Here


Here's a not-very-nuanced list at the bang-able ( read:Roackstar ) guys in cycling...


$110 for a bent broomstick!?
Rockstar, single speed cycling accessories continue their frou-frou ascent.....Here


So that you don't have to say
"I didnt recognize you without your kit on..."
Here's a very cool series of New England CX racer portraits.... Here


Sick and tired of this song yet??? Here you go:
A vast improvement to our newest Teeny-Bobber Rockstar's song...


If only all the 19 year old drivers out there had these kind of Rockstar-like reaction speeds.


Certain women tennis players are so Rockstar they need to be silenced...The grunt-o-meter..... Here


Perhaps the best proof your bike is one of the few that's completely fabricated in Italy and not Asia.....
Mis-spelled english! As seen here on this top-end, Italian made Casati.


You are not turely a Rockstar untill you have someone creating a fake Twitter account in your name....
Slovakian race winning machine Peter Sagan is a Rockstar soooooooo... Here


This guy is the real life Ricky Bobby: