GIRO 2013 Sneak peak.....

The impressive Giro 2013 Catalog has been dropped off and it shows Giro's commitment to being on the cutting edge, both in terms of fashion and function.
Here are some of the standout goodies.

We dare you to find less then 7 pairs of Factors
during your next group training ride. They have been
a huge success. Now Giro boldy goes into Mavic territory
with their new colorway: Highlight Yellow

Taylor Phinney wore a pair of these in the Giro...
Soon you will be able to as well.
While not their sole purpose, they are said to be quite light.
We believe it

The 2012 TDF's most controversial topic!
Now available for anyone looking to sacrifice
good looks for 4 extra watts at TT speed.

And for an extra $40, you can buy one with
a eye shield that magnetically clips on.
Smart move: It can also be attached via the magnets in reverse, away from the eyes and on the helmet.

Big Heads rejoice. Giro has long been criticized by the
craniumly challenged. They seek to end that

The Pneumo is back. One of Giro's
best loved designs gets a facelift for 2013.

Just what the world needed...
More great looking, lightweight long finger gloves

Giro seems to be taking more and more
design cues from one-time collaborators, Rapha.
These leather gloves look very nice at $65.

Expect to see plenty of these in the Single Speed races
during the upcoming CX season.

Smart... Extra-Bacon-Smart!


Anonymous said...

Gah! Those lace-ups!!! yikes!

Alfonso Piralta said...

Everyone will be rocking that helmet in 10 months time.