Serious bike design keeps getting more and more impressive... This time it's wooden bikes from Spain.

Axalko: new generation of bicycle 'luthiers' from Maite Felices on Vimeo.


This is actually an exercise bike and boy oh boy.... It is the ONLY one we would ever want to have taking up valuable square footage in the office\residence....Here


Bo knows bikes rides... Here


When you are a Rockstar ( or football player ), getting 29 of your closest, richest friends, along with a police escort to drive 100+ mph is no biggie..... Here


In case you hadn't seen it yet.... The only bike worthy of the Lambo crest....
The $30,000 BMC


Queens needs a velodrome ! ! !


Paul Smith makes some pretty awesome stuff... And has long dabbled in the cycling fashion arena... They're stepping it up with this project inside Britain's swanky-est dept store.


Required reading for any calorie burning, pedal hammering Rockstar


If you listen to and appreciate what Cyclocosm has to say about it.... You may just in fact start to believe that cyclists are indeed Rockstars..... Watch it ! Great stuff.


Look at all that great old hardwood waiting to be reclaimed!!!

Oh and the car is pretty hot too.


If you live happen to live anywhere near one of these awesome bike-centric bars, we are jealous of you.


BMX'er are so money:


More video's! This one is AWESOME though:


Lance Armstrong Fanboys been busy... Here's a made up trailer for the Autobiographical movie that will probably never be made.