Talk about putting your money where you mouth is.... Here
Props to the organizers of Battnekill for sending a message to the UCI.
( and maybe saving some administrative costs and headaches at the same time )


This video is brilliantly done. It's a cool idea for a product as well.

The only drawback to the video is there is no actual sound of the gadget doing it's thing.
 For that you have to watch this one ( also well done ).


This is the best thing that's happened so far this week:


Just in case you haven't seen this, it needs to be posted.
Red Bull simply does not do anything that is not very cool, and the amount of coordinating and pressure on each of the althetes in the video is pretty intense.

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Little Rockstars in the making over in Japan:


The bad news from Hurricane Sandy keeps coming.... Here


Oh how the mighty have fallen...
They can't even give the stuff away:


Before he was the Manx Missile, He was the "Master of Faster"...

Somehow it seems unlikely that such an ugly sticker would be allowed to see the light of day with his current Rockstardom level.


Here's a very ugly bike that can carry 12 cases of beer...


Zipp 404's for $600 shipped !?!?! YES PLEASE!......
oh wait.... They're fake......( Sigh )


Bike shows as the new car shows? We say yes!... Here


Here's a new addition to the Rockstar shop.
"This new tee-shirt features an image that was brought back to us as a souvenir from a time traveling friend who went up the road to find Tejay's first TDF victory ( hint: not earlier than 2014 but no later than 2016 )."

$5 of every sale goes to the well known and much supported cyclismas.com fund* to develop a working Bat-mobile for Paul Kimmage.

*Actually his legal offensive fund

Click HERE for a direct link to the store or use the link in the sidebar.


Have a good weekend everyone:


Hurricane Sandy has brought some Rockstars out of hiding...
Like this guy: