We've been tracking the progress of the (Exustar made?) Garmin Vector pedal ( here ). News of the release delay, putting the Vector at mid summer, is disappointing for sure. In the meantime, if you still had doubts of who made the pedal body, check out this sly little suggestive advert from the Shanghai 2012 bike show:


This article, with all its undertoned references to silly expensive bikes and bike parts, would seem a lot less weird if they simply entitled it, "cost of stolen Rockstar equipment set at $125,000".


Oh how the mighty have fallen..... Right Michael Ball? :


Let's hear it for the old guys!
37 year old, 1st year professional Mike Olheiser winning a stage in the Rutas de Americas in Uruguay! Here


Here's one way of dealing with rude drivers:
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Fast-track your bad ass self to Rockstar-dom..... Get a CX portrait done of yourself.... Here


You know you've reached superstar Rockstar status when people are ok with your sweat on their ice cubes.




And this


Hot on heels of #1234's theme of bike mis-appropiation.....


Always put your $1200 aero front wheel on the right way everyone!

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Who says cyclists can't dance??? Here


You absolutely can be a Rockstar into your 70's..... And you should be!


If you can't out ride them, out-trick them during that next crit or RR!
A completely Rockstar usage of high-end Road bikes...


Are you a rider who has thought about using Q rings to squeeze a little more power out of those pedals?

Rotor is having an awesome 30 day money back try em period.... Here


Guys who can slackline are Rockstars..... As anyone who watched the Superbowl halftime show can attest to.
An interview with the sport's new poster-boy, Andy Lewis... Here


Apparently slapping some stickers ans velcro on an old digital camera makes it worth $50k.....Here

Kidding.... If it's authentic ( which it probably is ) it's pretty cool.

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