This project for a chargable power source is awesome. Glad to see it is well on it's way to funded.
Support it if you can.


We're not sure how to feel about this new cycling kit from Asia.
There is something from the C.A.R.N.S prize bag for the whoever where this first in a CX race come fall.


Cyclists are not Rockstars...  Unless you are 20+ feet up off the ground....Here

posted by Matty Clark


Here at HQ, we watched over the weekend as this guy, Louis Gaffney, almost Rockstar'ed his way to the Cat3 win in the SunnyKing Crit in Alabama.... ON A CX BIKE. Way to go Dude


Get ready for the biggest cycling kit ever made.... Here


We are all oo's and ah's over here at HQ over these nifty bike related creations.
Rain Deflector

Brake cable pull

Super micro tail light


Wiggo..... The Rockstar.


No doubt that this will be a big event in the fall....
Get your wetsuits ready....


Great news for bike loving urban dweller....Here


The battle lines have been drawn and "illegal" races are the new Tour de France...Here


CX Race Promters! Order these now from C.A.N.R.S. to keep your event USAC sanction free.
Introductory special of 5 for $10. Weather proof and easy to install.


Bamboo bikes are becoming more mainstream now....Here


Commuting by bike sheds more weight over the long haul than going to the gym regularly...
Continued evidence that riding to work every day is a great decision....Here