INTERBIKE ( Tuesday )

The Outdoor Demo continued on Tuesday but the agenda for the day was much more focused. The early morning started with the Tour De Lake Mead on a slightly too-big Jamis Icon ( thanks guys for getting the bike set-up so quickly ). Again, the bike impressed me and I'm looking forward to getting one of my own for next season. The rest of the day was spent on a new Genius 650B long travel bike. The bike was a joy to ride on everything but long, gradual uphills where the heavy, downhill worthy tires slowed the bike down a bit. EVERYWHERE else the bike was tip top. A separate report will be written in the coming days about the bike.
A great bike. But it's not one to buy for racing alone.
We were able get in a ride on one of the other nicest bikes there,
the BMC Impec. The bike rode wonderfully and the Easton carbon
clinchers felt great. But in my opinion the bike didn't ride so superior as to justify its nearly $10k price tag.

Number 46 creaked a little but probably because it has
seen so much testbike action.

The Outdoor Demo offers individuals and businesses the chance to wander around with product and talk about their products with anyone willing. Here the guys from Flo Wheels show off a sharp looking disc rear wheel and its matching front.The rear is actually a spoked wheel with a disc cover. Sold as pair, the wheelset is said be near half
 the price of traditional competitors.

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