Scott bikes has made public to dealers some pictures of their 2013 line-up. Not a whole lot of changes to the road line-up. It was hoped that the Addict would be back as a super lightweight frame (sub 850 grams) but that seems like it will have to wait for another year. The big news is that Mavic, Zipp, and American Classic wheels have mostly been replaced by new Syncros offerings. Scott purchased the brand back in 2011 and are now spec'ing a lot of their bikes with stems, seatposts and handlebars.
The 2013 Foil Premium. Looking better then ever,
moving slightly away from the over-used "Blacked-Out".
Although we're betting some well-off buyers are going to
hesitate at that mis-matched Shimano Crankset.
The 2013 Team Issue. Green Edge color accents and
sponsor decals on the seat-stay.
Here is the bike to get. SRAM Red is the best. Those clinchers look fast
( although no one has had a chance to test Syncros as a wheel maker )
and the frame looks awesome.

The Foil 20. Also correct
( as Tati would say )

Looking for a bargain basement Aero race frame?
The Scott Foil 40 continues to be one of the best deals out there.
You better like the extra logos on the seat-stays though as this is
the other model to get ProTeam'ed up.

Other noteworthy news in the road bike department
is that the Speedster line-up gets some of the
aero tube shapes from the Foil design.
Scott's alloy bikes have always been a little underwhelming
as the focus has traditionally been on carbon.
While nothing like a CAAD frame, or a Jamis Icon,
the new Speedster will def be a big improvement.
Hopefully they will be available to ride at Interbike.

Proving once more that CX bikes
are not money makers for big brands,
the top-of-line Addict CX gets dressed down even more from 2012.
Carbon Tubular hoops? Forget about it.
Funny cause that's all we seem to see at the races.