Jamis 2013 Preview

2013 continues to shape up to be an interesting year in the development of bikes.

Here's a look at Jamis Bike line-up for the next year. Jamis has, for almost a decade, been responsible for some of the best valued bikes out there. At the high end, Jamis' strict control on Asian production and their own methods for carbon forming resulted in great riding race bikes. There are still ex-Colavita pros who will swear that their Xenith's from 5,6 years ago were the best bike they were ever handed by a team. So when Jamis speaks, we should listen... And they have said a lot with their line-up for next year.

One of the big changes is that Jamis will no longer be offering a CX bike with Canti brakes.
NONE. Not a single one. Jamis has always been a friend of the CX racer and from the start, was one of the first big brands to offer more then 1 single CX model each year. For them to say that they will not even offer canti's says a lot.

The new Supernova Team, full carbon with discs and tubeless tires stock.

Here is the Supernova Elite.

How about an $800 disc brake basic CX race bike?
Told you they had the value. Here's the Nova Sport.

The big new addition to the line-up is the Icon.
It's an aluminum frame that weighs as much
as their basic carbon frame.
56 CM frame at 1150 grams and stiff!
Not a sprinter? Buy this bike and fall in love with crits again.

The Icon Pro features a lesser grade carbon in the fork.
Retails for about $1600 & worth every penny.

On the offroad side,29er's and 650b continue
to get the best of the upgrades.
Here is the Dakota D29er.