Interbike Wrap-up: Part 2

The crazy hipsters at Chrome always have an interesting
for their booth. This time they made the space look like the street, complete with picnic tables, a parked van, garbage
cans and these newspaper boxes.

Cycleops made it a point to fight the notion that their power
meters are heavy. So they had a contest to try to guess the
weight of this tricked out bike. It was probably in the high 13 pound range.

Oakley had a toned down presence at Interbike this year.
But they still were inviting people at the Outdoor Demo to
come inside the store\lab-in-a-truck to see some
demonstrations of the superior optics and strength of their lenses

This BB30 crank from Rotor has a nifty threaded adjustment sleeve instead of the usual bearing squeezing wave washer. Rotor is coming out with a catalog's worth of adapters to fit nearly every type of new bottom bracket standard out there.

The popularity of Surly's Pugsly line of bikes inspired them to construct this all natural set of training rollers. Very cool to watch someone barrel along on this.

SRAM displayed their new Alpine White Apex group and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad to have a bike with entry level parts.

There were plenty of bikes on display that had this depressing mark underneath the clear coat.

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