Interbike Wrap-up (part 1)

Giro's New TT Helmet incorpates a plastic fairing
to cover up exposed area on the back of the neck.

The helmet comes with a couple of fairings
of differing depths to get the air cheating action just right.
It just pops into holes on the bottom of the helmet.

One of the niftiest things seen was this fold-up pocket scale.
Small as a bill fold wallet.

Camelbak was debuting a yet-unreleased
water bottle with a U.V. light in the cap

The light claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria if the process
is done according to instructions. Release date is
for end of the year, spring time at the latest. Battery is rechargeable and will last for months of normal use.

Moots had this awesome stem-topcap-headset cover
all in one on a CX bike at the Outdoor Demo.
Super sweet!

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