The BH \ Pivot bikes trailer swung by Headquarters the other day and as such, my eye went straight to the, as of yet un-ridden by the cycling public, BH Ultralight. A bike chock full of "new and improved" things.

Things like the first tapered fork to go less then 300 grams. ( that's a lot of carbon, and it made for a very stiff, and lively ride ).
The first BB386 bottom bracket system. ( combining the diameter or the fatness of a BB30 spindle with the frame shell width of a BB86 system )
The bike is also one of the first to go under 775 grams for the frame. The trick paint developed along with Calfee (Correction- Parlee) def helps it get this light. I will say that the frame finish didn't seem to take to marks and scuffs very well. If you are the type that likes your bike to remain looking in new condition, this bike may bring you down. 

What else can be said that hasn't already been said about this wonder? The cycling media was introduced to the bike back in April here
and sure enough as you would expect, everyone who gets a chance to ride it says that the bike is stiff, light, yet vertically compliant to a reasonable extent. I certainly can not disagree. The bike, even with the (heavy-ish) carbon clinchers, felt sick light, and even sicker stiff. The bike darted around like a chipmunk on crack. A bike like this requires a learning curve, a chance to become used to it, a chance to forget what your previous road bicycle felt like.

This bike belongs in the "super-bike" category.

Whether or not it is too stiff, too harsh or too unforgiving, is going to be a matter of individual taste. The complete bike will be as-expected-expensive. That's ok though because innovations like its, lightweight paint, oversized bottom bracket system and feathery fork are bound to make their way onto lower-tier bikes.

Companies like BH deserve a tip-o-the-hat as we are sure that lower priced bikes of tomorrow will feel and perform more like the super bikes of today.

Notice the square tube shapes and the massive width of the
bottom bracket. Its edge actually sits underneath the inner chain-ring

Note that the color in a lot of these photos has been slightly tweaked to
show off the angles. That said, the finish of the frame did show off bumps and bruises very well.

The Toptube gets significantly
narrower as it reaches the seatmast

Thin seatstays have been proven to make the ride more
gentle, without robbing power.

Round is so 2009. Square tubes are the new deal!

Area of Supreme Power Transfer

Can't let the trailer leave without some "improvements"

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