Counterfeit Pinarellos!

"We have become aware of several counterfeit Pinarello frames making their way into the United States. Some of these frames are branded and painted to look like a Pinarello, but have obviously not been subject to the strict quality control and testing that genuine Pinarello frames must go through. Examples we have uncovered are easily recognized as they do not have Italian threaded bottom brackets, do not use proprietary Pinarello headsets and with imitation Dogma frames, accept a traditional round seat post.
Typically these frames are being supplied without the small parts, such as the bb cable guides, the seat post clamps and, in some cases the rear derailleur hangers. Genuine Pinarello parts typically do not fit on these frames.
Gita and Pinarello urge all dealers not to supply any parts or labor to these frames as doing so could place liability on the shop should any legal claims arise.
It is important to realize these are not Pinarello frames, are not made in the Pinarello factory, are not made from the proprietary materials that are only available to Pinarello and are not subject to Pinarello's stringent quality controls. Therefore, they will in no way perform like a Pinarello bike nor can their safety or suitability for use be determined.
Since the origin of these frames cannot be determined there is almost certainly no manufacturer's warranty or liability insurance in place to protect buyers in cases of catastrophic failure. There are several instances on the internet of failures of counterfeit frames. As always, to be certain that you have a genuine Pinarello, be sure to deal with an authorized Pinarello dealer."

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