Number 962

Last week, the QBP 2011 catalog was delivered to the shop.
Quality Bicycle Products is one of the biggest distributors of all things bike related to shops in the U.S.
And they produce arguably the nicest distributor catalog year after year.

While it is often cheaper for shops to get their product straight from the U.S. headquarters of a company or an importer if possible, having one source for thousands of products is a valuable thing, and the QBP catalog gets plenty of attention thru-out the year.

For shops, almost all the ordering is done thru the internet now, but catalogs like these will be used hundreds of times this year as an information reference and a product showcase. And while industry shows like Interbike reveal the big new attractions, it's impossible to see all the cool new things the next year has in store. So with that in mind, here are some of the things that jumped out when going thru "QBP"

Awwww, so cute.

Reference pages like this one about BB systems, prove a valuable
resource for shop employees.
You can only remember so much!

Another reference page dealing with bottom bracket shells

This bike case from S & S Machine claims to be under
airline oversize limits. Wonder how big a bike
you can fit in there. Definitely going to have check this soon.

Shimano DI2 now commands 3 pages worth
with all the small parts and accessories
that go with it.

Disc Golf!? 4 pages worth of Disc Golf stuff!?!?
Since when did that get so popular with the cycling crowd.
That is certainly NOT Rockstar.

This all in one rack station is very cool

And here we thought it was pretty much only the 2 sizes.
26 and 31.8

Don't tell Stan

This is a neat sizing contraption from Salsa.


Anonymous said...

I think to use those S&S cases you need the S&S couplings on your frame.

C.A.N.R.S. said...

that def makes sense. Knew it was too good to be true.

thanks Anon
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