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Everyone wants to be a Rockstar.......
The following is from an Auto-reply message from the American head of a top-5 Bike Manufacturer:

Due to the high volume of emails I receive, please expect a response within 2 business days. If you are inquiring about sponsorship, our team is full for 2011 and we are not considering any new form of sponsorship that is not already planned for. Thanks for understanding that you may not get a response. If this is an inquiry for displays, tents, banners or other promotional materials, please direct these to ********* ******* , Event and Display Coordinator as I will not respond. Email is *********@*******.com. If this is an inquiry from a design or PR agency, please note that we have our own in-house design team as well as PR people for each division. We are  not looking for an agency. Please understand that you may not get a response. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit that is fucking crazy!
craigslist and some tools and some skills and you can get it done for far less.