Number 785

Interbike Day 3 ( updated )

Just a quick update. Its crowded again here in Vegas.

Scott's new shoe line-up looks pretty impressive. The top model's will feature removable and adjustable metatarsal pads on the insole.

Chrome bags continued to create a lot of interest at their booth. This year, they packed up a couple of sewing machines and were making custom colored for people willing to part with some shekels.

Speedplay has come out with an off road pedal and cleat system that will retain the features that the road users have come to appreciate. Lightweight with adjustable true cleat float, not just built in slop movement.

Everyone was clamoring for a look at the new Polar\Look pedal based power system. It looks like it will be ready to go early in 2011 for $2200 Retail.

Edge Composites is now Enve due to the name Edge being taken in Europe.

How would you like to hold you most beloved race bike to your car's roof using suction cups? It apparently works very well.

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