#1466 // Review \\ 2014 Jamis Bikes

Jamis as a brand is often considered second tier among the industry giants. Without a huge advertising budget the company often loses out on the "advertorial" game ( advertising that leads to editorial coverage ) and subsequently, the bikes do not get the media coverage they deserve. On the other hand, ask any shop that carries the line-up and you will be hard pressed to hear a negative comment about the bikes. Riders usually have sentiments that are similarly positive when talking about the bikes themselves.

The 2014 Product Book came into HQ last week and some interesting things stood out.

The Nemesis gets SRAM's XX1 11 speed, single chain-ring, super-efficient grouppo. This 19.75 pound bike will make racers think twice about heading out to the XC events with their dual-suspension rigs

The 2 race-ready Icon ( CAAD beater ) models go largely unchanged except for Shimano Ultegra 11 speed on the Elite.

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of the 2014 products is the new Xenith. Long loved by domestic racers who found themselves on Jamis sponsored teams, the Xenith gets edgy this year by hiding BOTH brakes from the wind. Tektro side pulls come standard and the expressed advantages are:
#1 - Better frontal aerodynamics.
#2 - Highly tuned seat-stays that no longer need to be overbuilt to support braking action
Jamis is definitely going out on a limb with this move as it may turn off purists and riders who are specifically looking for an "aero" frame.

A neat technology that racers and hardcore riders will never see... The one bolt adjustable stem featured on Jamis' nicer hybrids and relaxed bikes.
More features that recreational cyclists (and bike shop sales managers!) can appreciate.

Another move against the tide... No Xenith road bike is available with electronic shifting for 2014. That doesn't stop Jamis from offering (and including with each bike) intelligently designed replaceable plates for various shifting set-ups. It's logical ideas like this that enables Jamis to stand out much higher than other mid-level brands.

Day-Glo! Not even the sensible designers at Jamis can resist the yellow/green tide.

More start design on bike models that usually do not get the R&D resources. This time fork tweaks that make for a more stable ride on the Endura ("Gran Fondo" style ) race bikes.

Whoa, we forgot what glossy looks like! Here is the stunning new 2014 T2.
Also the only Jamis to offer electronic shifting.


Anonymous said...

I'll take one! And spot on about Jamis as a brand. Get any racer who's been given one a couple of drinks and they will tell you that their Jamis was their favorite bike.

Andres Tascon said...

I'm sorry but owned to Jamis, Eclipse and Xenith SL and both of them crack between 8 to 13 months never drop, never race or crash and they don't stand behind their product. I've had my Trek Madone for over a year and a half and so far so good crashed once and no damage to the frame what so ever, you pay for what you get and the first tier brands are giving you better service, better quality and they do actually offer lifetime warranty with no excuses as oppose to Jamis, no customer service and poor build bikes with low quality materials.
Is just a fact the lower Tier brands Like Jamis can't compete with the amount of bikes Trek sales world wide and perhaps can't offer better and quality warranty or product they have to cheap out to make money.
do your self a favor and invest a couple hundred more and get your self a decent bike, which it will get back to you on the long run.