#1178 - Serfas True 1500 Light review

So with the shorter days and longer nights of the fall in New England, lights are a must for those looking to get in some post workday mountain biking. Serfas just delivered their new True 1500. (Also known as the TSL-1500). Let's check it out!

1st off let me start by saying it comes packaged well. Everything has a nice spot in a foam case and the box has some sweet magnets holding it closed. Definitely a good start... 

How does it work? In one word, very good. This light is bright! Very Bright! Like "dude, How bright is that thing?" BRIGHT... and not in just one spot either. It has an impressive sized splash zone to light up a huge swath of trail \ road

1500 lumens and they're not lying! Serfas owns a lumen tester, so they list an accurate output.
Some further details;
This light has more modes then a BMW sport bike.
Overdrive gives you 1500 L for 2.5hrs
High = 1000 L for 3.5hrs
Med = 700 L for 5hrs
Low = 350 L for 11hrs
Flashing strobes the 1000 L setting until the sun comes up! (even if you live in Alaska)

It comes with a handlebar mount or helmet mount. I chose to put it on my helmet. This might not be where most will put it cuz it's a bit heavy at 158g for the light alone. (battery is 302g.) Any heavier and it would most defiantly be a H-bar only light, But I was ok with a hat under my helmet to cushion up some of the extra vibration that comes from the weight high up.

I rode an entire ride in low and Med modes with no problem. Overdrive is almost overkill. My first ride out I put it in overdrive to see how it was. Super bright! My eyes had to adjust to my vehicle's weaker headlights as I drove home. Also in overdrive when you pass by a tree close by or the if light bounces off the rider in front of you, it can be distractingly bright. 

So those are the hits. Now for the misses (cuz everything has misses)

As stated earlier, a bit heavy but it's well built.
The Low Battery indicator is a flashing red circle around the power button on the light itself, so that's impossible to see if it is helmet mounted.
And when the battery goes, it goes dark! No self dimming, no warning flash mode... Just black! So you kinda have to take of your helmet to see if the 20min remaining light is flashing or bar mount it.

All in all a solid light. If you are looking for one light to end the use of smaller ones, this is it.
Retails for $390.00

Posted by Dillon P.

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