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Fed-up with the UCI? Sick and tired from hearing about this all powerful sticker from the suits in Switzerland? Read this.


skippy said...

Great post which outlines many of the problems that UCI are creating for the consumer !
Building up my own bikes over the years has saved me thousands and each has been able to do full seasons as outlined in my blogs .Doubt a bike with UCI approval sticker would be any quicker or lighter but my pocket certainly would feel the difference.
Sponsoring Pro Tour teams is big and an expensive business which is the reason so few manufacturers choose to be involved these days BUT that is a marketing discision and Joe Public should not have to bear the brunt of EGO tactics .
Look around you and you rarely see a weekend warrior decked out in the team uniform on the team bike each time they go for a ride . Certainly people will favour some teams more than others but it is reaching the point where a lot of budgets are strained to breaking point .
Time for UCI to forget the "cash grab" and "race radio" nonsense and "clean house" , make us the public happier with stiffer penalties for "Sporting FRaud" and treat the racers as human beings instead of cashcows !

Anonymous said...

Great article Hunter. As one that rides and races the "Generic Frame" I am happy that there are less expensive options out there but cannot blame the big bike companies for endorsing UCI stickers if it means saving their bottom line. They are in the business to make a profit after all.

Chris C.