Number 857

THe last of the Interbike "B sides":

In an effort to give some attention to an often overlooked workhorse of cycling, we present:
The Team Trucks ( and a couple of cars )
Oh sure, the team cars get plenty of attention in Europe, when they are usually ferrying the mega stars of road racing here and there. In the U.S. of A though there is less fan fare for these internal combustion warriors and they are taken for granted, even though anyone who owns a floor pump will generally agree they are pretty darn cool. So here are some of the nicer ones spied out during the week in Vegas.

Canfield Brothers.. The MTB outfit decorates their sprinter van just as you'd expect.
Felt had about 4 of these on site.
Footon Servetto , oops no... Moots.

Seen on the road... Rock Shox

Woman's specific vans?! The ol Big Red S is a huge company....

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