Number 57

East Coast Interbike!

The Trials Stunt Show was fun. Though no one knew how to make noise for it.

Tested... The Parlee CX bike with Edge carbon clinchers....
Great ride.... Stiff & efficient. Chattery-while-braking front fork though.

Parlee 's racks were made of carbon....

Tested ( and abused). Nicolai with SRAM Hammerschmidt. Heavy bike that likes to be thrown off things. Hammerschmidt feels like it was built by NASA.

D.Y taking the full carbon Scott Genius 20 off a little marble slab. Carbon is strong!

Just some Rhode Island wildlife seen while riding out on the road bike loop.

The baggy shorts bandits stealing a pair of outta-their-league Parlee Time Trial rigs. Very stiff bikes

A while ago we decreed:

"Here are 3 things that can ensure that the east coast event is as successful as the west coast daddy:"

Swag - In Reality what we found in Providence: Very little..... nea, none. Grade : F

Beer - Bud or Bud light at the end of the day by Pedro's : B minus ( clam chowder was good )

Stars - None. Well, Zellman the bigwig from SRAM was seen working the booth. The Keough brothers were selling raffle tix for a TV to raise money for another Championship winning trek. And Adam Sullivan was seen in his civies wandering aimlessly. Richard Fries was surrounded by Paparazzi & completely inaccessible all day long..... Grade - D plus

OVERALL - B minus. The single track was fun, albeit very brief. Bikes were always available to ride. And parking was a breeze. Plus no desert conditions ( choking hot dust, radioactive sunlight, razor sharp rocks ) to deal with. Lack of downhills was frustrating.

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