Number 16. . . . . . . . Interbike inside

Some shots from inside the convention hall:

Scott's New Plasma.

The simple and to the point graphic
in the Da Kine bike travel bag.

A new system for inflating wheels utilizing the force of the
spinning hubs. The applications are many. Probably a great thing
for free-riders.

A\X Lightness ' s Road brakes. 96 grams for the pair. Unreal weight for
$1600... Performance is suspect of course. But Rockstars dont stop.

The Cervelo space is always a busy one.
Here is the new generation P4. Production models will differ a tad, but this is pretty much the bike.

An awesome paint job on a Chrome messenger bag. This is completely Rockstar in every wonderful sense of the word.
Look for a honest review of their Citizen bag soon.

Cinqo has been around for a couple of years. Their new Quarq power measurement system seems to hit the bull's eye.
It replaces your spider and only adds 150 grams or so. Works wirelessly with Garmin's and Powertaps too. Cost is considerably less than Powertap. Just under a grand is the "street price"

Showers Pass is a new clothing company from Oregon. These outer shells were very well recieved by attendees. They feature all the technical functions of top shelf shells, but sport tweed and houndstooth patterns that make them look like they are from Banana Republic. These will further erase excuses to not ride to work on a daily basis.

Yet another ex-Pro with a bike line named after him. At least this model has an interesting head-badge.

Rockstars need to listen to music 24\7 or their will to create and inspire slowly withers away. Enter this music system for your bike. Wireless transmitting from your ipod to speakers that sound pretty good. Hands-free calling too if you are using an iphone or other phone\music player.

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