Number 793

Interbike Odds and Ends Part 4

 This wood bike has gotten plenty of press coverage. ( for $8,000 it oughtta....)

 Ritte Bikes is a new company based out of L.A.. Despite all the Belgium references, the company is all american with an emphasis on the irreverent. They have some funny stuff at their site Here

They currently have a road model, CX model and a TT bike. They also distribute carbon wheels with the name "Attack".....All imported to their semi-exacting standards. 

Somewhere there is some doggie cam footage of Interbike.

Knog accessories always has one of the most interesting booth spaces. The functionality of their booth as a place of doing business seems to get lower and lower as the brand becomes more and more popular.This year it was a very dimly lit, spot light enhanced, heavy on the drum and bass, fully enclosed cubicle that could barely fit 8 people in it. On dark display inside were scenes decorated with Knog Accessories as props.

Here is a wheel inertia chart that was being thrown around by the boys at Mad Fiber. There are some wheels on this list that we've never even heard of. Now we just need someone to translate it.....

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