Number 787


With the racing behind us, day 4 will promise to be a little more relaxed with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beer that seems to pop out of every display case around here.

The highlights keep coming:

HED, in responce to feedback from Team Sky, created the "7". Not quite as deep as a TT rim but much wider then a traditional road racing wheel.

Deda's new 35 mm bar and stem combo was by far the most striking of the show.

G-Form is a new company to Interbike and was displaying their aftermarket brake hoods and placeable ( saddle, handlebars ) gel pads that promise to get rid of good deal of vibration and chatter. 


Anonymous said...

ha, I will test my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's really amazing, thanks.

- Norman

Jon C said...

hi, i saw some of your stickers, is it possible to get some?

C.A.N.R.S said...

Yep! Keep an eye on the blog - will be setting up a request button by the weekend.