Plenty of shots have been published of next year's brood of mountain bikes from Scott.
We now have a look into the graphics and parts packages of most of the road bikes. Along with some bold, new color schemes for the bikes, there are a couple of noteworthy refinements to Scott's popular shoe line-up. Stay tuned for more shots!

Drawing too many cues from a 2014 Specialized
Tarmac, here is the new top of the line Foil Premium.
The new Syncros rim shape should be a big
improvement over the 2014 model.

In less than an hour, 3 out of 3 everyday cycling
fans to see this Foil immediately made the connection
and comparison to Lance's first US Postal Service Trek.
Perhaps Scott designers thought that a younger
generation of riders would not notice.

 Obligatory preview of a 2015 bike that will come
with, (sigh) disc brakes..... 

3 bright graphics packages for the new generation


For 2015, like the couple of years preceding,
Scott continues to do just enough to
be considered a player in the cyclocross market.
The Addict CX, while a great bike, hasn't seen any
frame or parts updated in a while. No doubt
this equal responce to consumer (racer) habits and
the focus on growing markets like Crapvel bikes.

 The new Plasma borrows heavily from
Sebastian Kienle's European Championship winning bike.
Prepare to shell out $10,000+.

Once again, the Contessa line for women
hits all the genre's of riding. The bikes,
like this Scale, get slick graphic redo's.

Scott's top of the line road shoe gets some new colors.
Features and build look the same, but expect the shoe 
to be stiffer than the last generation.

 Ditto for the MTB Premium shoe. If this shoe becomes 
available in time for the CX season, look for it to be a
popular option for racers needing new shoes. 


All this snow in New England (and elsewhere!) has a silver lining.
"When the car's lanes are narrower, the drivers are safer and slower!"
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Don't worry everyone...
CX season is almost over....


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#1469 // Review \\ 2014 Giro Product Catalog

Helmets, gloves, shoes oh my! For the last 4 or 5 years, Giro has been at the leading edge of cycling-chic. Just below pretentious thanks to loads of useability with an enviable balance of form vs function, the Giro book has become one of the highlights of the IBD year. Here's a quick look at the remarkable and new.
Let's get the obvious out of the way first...
This is the Aspect. Because Giro always wants us staring at certain helmets and scratching our heads in wonder. It picks up where the Air Attack leaves off. The visor is removable.
The cool-factor is not.
We are actually looking forward to trying this so-called, superlight, super aero, super cool helmet out.

Speaking of, the Air Attack adds a couple of new colors. 

The other high end helmet of note is the Cipher.
It is Giro's new freeride / DH helmet of choice.
Giro makes a big push into cold-weather gloves for 2013.
This is the 100 Proof. $85 of extreme hand protection.
Official usable low temperature of this glove is 15 degrees.
We are guessing it can go as low as 10.

Slightly less intimidating is the plain ol Proof. Rated to 30 degrees.
Would we wear this glove during 30 degree late-November CX races...
Probably not. Would we wear it during 18 degree
late-January, 3 hour base-mile road rides... You bet.

This is the Pivot... "Our most versatile winter glove".
At $70 dollars it seems a little plain. But this glove will probably be a fool-proof
way to keep your grubby hands acceptably warm this winter.

Just had to include this 2-page photo spread because it is so rad.

Let's not forget summertime handwear. This LTZ II should be
a great glove for those new-age, no padding needed roadies.
Only $30 as well.

This is the new, top-o-the-line Prolight SLX. A new Easton EC90 Sole and
slightly thinner materials make this shoe a claimed 205 grams.
Lighter even than the Empire Lace-up.
Note that that weight is achieved with Giro's "Ultralight" footbed,
which will probably (hopefully) be replaced by most users with a more supportive insole.

Also updated is the very popular Factor. Price goes up $10
but you get that new Easton EC90 sole... That's the "ACC" part.

We've already discussed our love for the Empire.
As such hopes were high for the 2014 model. The new shoe gets that new ACC bottom part.
The blander color selection leaves a little to be desired.
Subtle is not what this shoe should be about.
This one left us wondering what the Giro R&D office
was smoking on this day. Which closet does this get put in?
Won't beginner spin class buyers think even less of
"clipping in" after seeing this on the shelf?


Bet your weekend wasn't this good.....