Everywhere you turn, there are gift lists screaming for your broke-butt's attention.
So not to be left behind, let us present the 1st annual :
C.A.N.R.S. "Be nice to a Rockstar and buy them this"  list

10 products that any Rockstar ( cyclist or non-cyclist ) would love.

#10 - Let's face it, these has never been a better time to get a tattoo. Social stigmas associated with them align the wearer more with Care-Bear Facial-hair music than biker-club violence. And if you happen to have a cyclist on your gift list, the only way to gift this properly is to have that person get drunk in Boston with no less then 3 cycling buddies and then go to Redemption Tattoo. Gift Certificate link Here

#9 - Skateboarding will never be uncool. And some of you out there are skaters ( or at least were in the past ). What better way to relive the glory days then to hang up a wonderfully eye-gasmic designer skater deck. We are partial to this one by Steve Forde. Available Here ( and it's on sale! )

#8 - Any bike chain chandelier or lamp by Carolina Alzaga Here.

#7 - Because the backlash has got to start one of these days....... Please! let it start......
This poster from Cyclocosm.....

#6 - No Rockstar isn't worth his weight in pennies if he ( or She! ) isn't a regular twitter tweeter. We realize that there are various levels of Twitter skill and philosophy so here's 3 options for you:

 #5 - Even though it is not officially out yet, this titanium lock makes the list at number five. Email the inventor, John Loughlin, and he will send you a gift certificate good for one of these very cool bike locks

#4 - Threading the line between indie rap and Hipster hardcore stands the Cool Kids... Their recent album is pretty good, but this hat

bearing the same name is a better gift for your most favoritest cyclist.

#3 - This tape measure. ( If it needs to be explained why, don't bother )
#2 - The only hotter person hotter then Jeremy Powers these days is Zooey Deschanel, and even then it's a close battle. Encourage your loved ones' obsession with JPow, and his inner DJ,  with this IPod \ IPhone mixing deck.

#1 - Coming in at the top of the list is a beautiful, overkill chuck of sculpted stone designed to make your $5,000 bike look downright ugly..... Here

$600 well spent.
Go out & buy us one please.

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