Number 23

File under "nearly a good idea"...
a metal plate with a message to put into your carry on luggage... The x-ray screener reads it and has a chuckle... Haha.. You're so witty....

Seriously though, as I was returning from Vegas i put my Egg Beater pedals into my carry-on. First stop; McCarren International... the screener simply paused and looked my way toward as i waited for the bag and asked. "You got bike pedals in here?". Dude knew his stuff. I said yes and the bag emerged... We actually had to go thru security in Newark again to get on the connecting flight... 2nd time thru, the screener stopped, tilted his head, called someone else over... Discussed it among themselves, called a 3rd person over... Bag got pulled for inspection. I said nothing... Didn’t take too long to find them and the kind lady looked at them with those latex gloves on, seriously confused as to what they were... Lots of "ohhhhh, I get it now" when i ended up saying what they were... As i walked away, She advised me "pack those away next time, they got a lot of suspicion...."

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Colin R said...

I've managed to sneak bombs,er, bike pedals into canada twice in the last month without trouble. Even the bike lights and their giant batteries went through... made me wonder if they were actually watching at all.